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Timber kit buildings Victoria offer a fantastic range of buildings used for granny flats. The Granny flat industry is a big industry at the moment especially for Victoria.
So what can Timber Kit Buildings Victoria Granny flat range of buildings be used for?

 Extra parent accommodation
 A home addition
 A teenage retreat
 An extra space for when visitors come and need somewhere to stay

There are some special conditions that need to be checked with local council before applying to install a granny flat.  Is the land provided large enough to accommodate an extra building?  You can speak to a private planning consultant or speak to us at timber kit building Victoria and one of our team members can put you in the right direction to talk to somebody.
It’s important to get the right information at the start to ensure that your process flow smoothly.  We are the specialist in kit buildings and specialize in offering a fantastic granny flat range.
Why should you choose a granny flat from timber kit buildings Victoria?  The answer is simple we give you outstanding customer service from the start,  we then provide you with a high-quality building ensuring that it is delivered on time,  we then install the building to the exact specifications that you require.
We can also offer the building to you in DIY.  All of our Granny Flats are prefabricated from the mills in Europe.  This means that you can have easy installation without having extensive building knowledge, our teams are available to check along the way to ensure the Granny Flats are installed correctly and in accordance with engineering.
So what do you get with one of our flat pack buildings if you choose to do DIY?

 All external walls
 All double glazed windows
 All double glazed doors
 19 mm roof boards
 28 mm floor boards
 All based trimmings
 All skirtings
 All hardware to construct the building

The granny flat range of building’s from timber kit buildings Victoria are available in either 34mm, 44mm or twin skin models.  The best thing about the twins skin models is the super efficient building saving you money on energy bills,  we can increase the insulation in the walls plus it also gives you a cavity to run services like electricity, water and data.
All of our buildings from timber kit buildings Victoria have double glazed windows of the highest quality that are also tilt and turn. This means we can provide you with fantastic lighting  whilst also keeping the building super efficient.
It doesn’t just stop with the windows; we also offer double glazed doors with high-quality locks and hardware.  This is standard across all of our granny flat ranges.